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Graduate Jobs

Once students have completed their degree program in colleges and universities they are eager to hit the work force, but arenít always clear on what is available to them and how to go about getting graduate jobs. While the economy is slow, finding full time permanent employment might be a bit difficult, but there are other avenues that graduates can explore to find lucrative employment in their respective fields of study. Graduate jobs can include entry level employment, contract jobs, freelance jobs, consulting work and even internship in some fields.

Entry Level Graduate Jobs

Entry level graduate jobs can be a stepping stone to full time permanent employment. Most often there are few benefits, and permanent work isnít always guaranteed. This level of employment is based on the Ďlow man on the totem poleí concept, which means that the first positions to be cut during times of economic crisis are the entry level positions. This is not always written in stone, however, because many employers also weigh job performance when making cuts.

Contract & Freelance Jobs

These two types of jobs are very similar in concept, with slight variations. While neither contract nor freelance graduate jobs would be classified as working for a company, contract jobs are bound by legal documents upholdable in a court of law based on the terms of the contract. Freelance jobs are based on Ďat-willí employment and do not usually have contractual arrangements. Both types can lead to permanent full time employment under certain circumstances.

Consulting Work for Graduates

Oftentimes corporations have intermittent need for expert analysis or guidance. While these companies might not have the budget to hire full time consultants, they will contract consultant services whenever the need arises. This opens up whole new avenues for graduates who are free to travel, and can work under a variety of settings. Many times consulting jobs lead to full time employment.

Graduate Jobs and Internship

Many graduate jobs are classified as internships. Most often this can be seen in the medical field. After graduate school, doctors are required to serve an internship before becoming what is known as a resident. Interns are paid, but at entry level salaries which may, or may not, include a benefits package until employees become tenured. Other fields can also require internship either by law or company policy.

Ideally, many graduates would like some stability in their lives, but if full time permanent employment canít be found, there are graduate jobs which can open doors when least expected. Also, many graduates arenít yet sure where they would like to settle down after having just finished their education. When in doubt, it is best not to lock yourself into a contractual agreement. Graduate jobs that are offered on a contract or freelance basis serve this type of graduate nicely. There are many types of graduate jobs available, so there is no need to stress over whether or not work can be found once that degree is in hand. It is simply a matter of matching your skills with the needs of an employer.